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They say that every great idea is conceived over a cold, frosty beer. Show + Tell is no exception. (And we think it's a pretty awesome idea.) 

One evening, we were catching up over a couple of pints, chatting about our time as colleagues at Noise 13 and general life goings-on. The conversation soon landed on the topic of sharing ideas, getting critiqued, and missing the nurturing environment of the classroom. Although some of it was sentimental talk coerced by alcohol, we both realized that there was a true yearning to have energizing exchanges with fellow designers. Show + Tell was born shortly thereafter. (Not before a few more drinks were consumed, though.)

Christine is currently Creative Director at Noise 13 and Sam is a freelance graphic designer based in Seattle. 



A lover of all things vintage, I have a particular fondness for mid-century illustration and typography. Maps, cookbooks, flash cards ... I can't get enough. My idea of heaven? A dusty thrift store with a cat napping in the window.
Christine leads the San Francisco group.


I've been obsessed with stationery and writing tools since I was a little kid. I used to love the first day of school, filled with empty notebooks and the smell of wooden pencils. Years later, I somehow still feel the same giddy excitement over notebooks and pencils.
Sam leads the Seattle group.





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