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Show + Tell is new to Seattle and we are excited to be here! 

We will be teaming up with design firms around the city to bring you a variety of events every quarter. You can look forward to anything from a critique night with guest speakers, to themed critiques, workshops, design jams, and more! 

Presenter FAQs


Who typically attends?

You! You are an engaged designer looking for like-minded people to share your work with, are open to different perspectives, and you're excited to be part of Seattle's design community. We cap each event at a total of 15. For critique nights, we limit the number of presenters to 4. 

What do I bring?

If you're sharing your work, please have it either as a PDF on a flash drive, accessible online, or on a personal laptop. Physical work is always a nice treat. We'll also have a laptop and projector for use.

These gatherings are also a chance for designers to make new friends and see what others are up to. Having a business card handy wouldn't hurt!


Show + Tell's First Seattle Design Critique—
Design for Change

We are teaming up with the good folks at Civilization to bring you a special night!

Get inspired for the evening's themed critique with a guided tour of the exhibit The Design of Dissent produced by Civilization in their very own Non-Breaking Space.

Following the tour, we will jump right into critiquing your work. Do you have any ongoing projects that speak to social justice or political change? With the current climate, graphic design takes on an even more important role in being a voice for the underserved. Sign up to discuss your project and get on-the-spot feedback from your peers! 

Presenter spots are limited to 4, and the event is capped at a total of 15. Please indicate when you register if you'd like to present work. Refreshments will be provided. 

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